How does an on-site flu shot clinic work?

A common question we get from new clients is “How does it work?”  At Flu Shots To Go, our goal is to keep the Commonwealth of Virginia healthy. A Registered Nurse will come to your place of business to set up an on-site flu shot clinic for your employees. There is no set up fee or any other “hidden” fees. The only cost to you is for the flu shot! All you need to do is supply a room and a table!


Is there a minimum number of flu vaccinations required to host a clinic?

Another common question we hear is “Do you have a minimum?” At Flu Shots To Go we understand that we are all living in tough economic times. If we are in your vicinity, we do not have a minimum requirement of vaccinations to be given. If we are not in your vicinity, all you need to do is provide an active referral from a company with at least 30 employees, and you will not be required to have a minimum for your on-site clinic.


Taking care of your employees, so they can take care of business!

Every manager understands that to take care of business, you must take care of your employees.  Offering the seasonal flu vaccine is one small service that can have a big impact on your overall employee productivity during the flu season. At Flu Shots To Go, we take pride in taking care of our clients.  A healthy workplace leads to healthier families at home too. A true “win/win” situation!

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